Stop playing with friends (if they’re bad)


While that may sound a little bit obvious, you should only group up with people you feel confident that any teammate you queue up with is able to play on a higher rank or at least wants it badly. Playing with friends is fun in most cases, but the truth is that playing with casuals (yes, most of our friends are just casual players) is quite the same as playing with random people. And here comes the biggest issue here – if you play in a group of 2-3-4 or even more people – you will most likely get matched versus a group with the same amount of premade people.

So if you don’t know a lot about your teammates, don’t have a good synergy and communication, then these games are going to be really tough and the ‘fun of playing with friends’ will apparently dissapear as getting rolled is not that fun, right?


Golden Rule – Take Breaks


Lose streaks can be very tilting and in some cases it’s really easy to turn 2 or 3 loses into 10 loses in a row if you just keep going. So most of our boosters just follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and here is how it works.

If you lose more than 2 games in a row – take a deep breath and think about your previous game. Was Winston a bad pick on Volskaya? Did you make a lot of mistakes? Try to explain them for yourself. How should you act in your future games in a similar situation?

If you’ve been losing, you will be much quicker to lose confidence in a game, flame your team and do a lot of mistakes. If you stop believing that you can win, then it’s all over.


Scout the Enemy Team (press TAB)


Once the match is 15 seconds in, you should always check the enemy team picks by pressing TAB and there is never really an excuse not to use it. Use TAB to follow and adapt to enemy team composition, ultimate charges and death timers. This is also really important when it comes to countering enemy team compositions as hero swapping is essential in Overwatch and it’s one of the best ways to play against even the best players in the World.

So if you see the enemy team is using Widowmaker, communicate with your team to prevent entry frags from her and try to play around her if you’re Winston or D.Va to keep the counter train rolling.



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