What is Overwatch Boosting?


Meaning of Overwatch Boosting is a process when a top ranked player is playing the game on your account until he reaches your desired Skill Rating.

If you wanted to know how Overwatch Boosting works and what makes our Boosters win more games – check out this article.


How Does Overwatch Boosting Works?


  • First thing first – all of our recruits are top ranked players. This is a minimuim requirement and we don’t make any exceptions to that rule. That makes us confident that they can handle any boosting order without any problems as playing on lower Skill Rating is always easier.
  • Overwatch Boosters know best characters to carry the game alone. But just having a list of top climbing heroes in current meta is not enough. This list differs for each booster and makes every booster confident that their perfomance will allow them to win more games than they lose – this is a definition of Overwatch Skill Rating climb.
  • They have tons of experience behind them. And that allows them to exceed the expections of their teammates in almost every match or map they play. They know how to bait enemy ults without using their own. They know when it’s better to save an ult or even change a hero with ultimate ready to have a better team composition.

So if you were ever thinking about Boosting in Overwatch – those anwers should definitely help you on the way to become an Overwatch Booster.


Is Overwatch Boosting Worth It?


Sure thing! And you can find out why below:

  • You can feel how it is to play on a higher rank
  • If you lost a big amount of Skill Rating and don’t have that much time to climb again – Overwatch Boosting is a great thing
  • Getting Top Season Rewards is easy with Overwatch Boosting
  • It’s always nice to show off a bit when your friends will discover that your rating is higher than theirs!



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