Today we will talk more about the topic on 4chan by a possible Overwatch Q&A specialist from Austin who leaked some information about Doomfist some weeks ago and apparently now he’s back.

“Putting on a temporal trip with some Q&A leaks. Ask me anything you want to know about the upcoming heroes in Overwatch – Doomfist, Bria, and Ivon.”

So let’s look at this in a bit of detail because it’s very interesting as this could potentially have just given us the names of the next 3 Overwatch Heroes and right know we obviously suspect Doomfist to be the next hero in the game.

Let’s see what exactly Q&A from Austin says about Doomfist:

“Q2 2017. He’s ready to launch and will be going to the test servers very shortly (days, not months). He’s a Reinhardt & Ulted Lucio / Roadhog counter with a rapid charge and grapple ability. His ult is AOE with 100% damage on any target in the center and 5 second knockdown on anyone within 5 meters of the impact zone.”

It does actually sound really cool, doesn’t it? And just as a reminder, last time the Orisa leak was super accurate and that’s why it makes everything even more interesting!

Let’s follow up with details about next 2 possible Heroes in Overwatch – Bria and Ivon

“Q3 2017. Concept but entering initial testing soon. Area denial hero, think a Mei with a rapid wall ability. Designed to lock off certain areas of the map to assist her team. Can’t lock off multiple routes at once. Ult electrifies anything between two of her Wall bars.”

“Q4 2017. Early concept. Currently planned to be a Russian Defence hero, effectively a Torbjorn Symmetra hybrid capable of producing weak swarmbots and controlling their direction and tactics with his abilities. Like a Mini-RTS. His Ult doubles his current number of Swarmers. (Also there’s planned to be a delay before each swarmer is complete, if that makes sense: you can’t spawn all swarmers on the first point, you need resources to do it: think Torbojorn’s armor).”

As we can see, both concepts looks very interesting and all these heroes are planned to be released this year. Most likely we will be able to see the release of Doomfist during Overwatch’s Anniversary and Ivon coming into the Overwatch during BlizzCon.

The author also mentioned that

“Animated shorts are coming very soon for the next even and Q2 Doomfist release.”

No matter if it’s true or not, the hype train is on it’s way! We hope that you enjoyed the details about the new heroes and let’s just hope that Doomfist is real and he’s coming to Overwatch PTR Servers really really soon.


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