It’s not a secret that Overwatch Competitive Season 5 comes to its end today, but the wait won’t be long as the next Season 6 starts just in 4 days after.

As Blizzard has announced, the end date is August 28 & 5 PM PDT is the end time for Competitive Season 5.

The end of the current Competitive Season also means the conclusion of Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event.

Next Overwatch Competitive Season 6 starts on 1st of September!

Competitive Points list for Season 5 is also available below.

The Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 5:

  • SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 100 CP
  • SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 200 CP
  • SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 400 CP
  • SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 800 CP
  • SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 1200 CP
  • SR 3500-3999 (Master): 2000 CP
  • SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 3000 CP

Top 500 Players in both Competitive and Lucioball modes will get additional rewards such as extra player icons & animated sprays.

Blizzard will also address the issue with Skill Rating decay and Placement results for Season 6.

After lowering your Placement Matches results to create a sense of progression, Blizzard will now place you at the appropriate Skill Rating right from the beginning after your Placement Games.


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