The Overwatch Tier List – January 2017


Top Tier [Highest Influence]:


Heroes below allow you to have the most impact in the game no matter if you’re playing SoloQ or in a party – just pick one of these characters or make a deadly combo with two or three of them.

  • Ana
  • Roadhog
  • D.Va
  • Genji
  • Zarya


Ana – Still the best healer in the game. Even though the nerfs are coming soon, it most likely won’t change her #1 healer spot.

Roadhog – Don’t hesitate to hook people while Hook 2.0 is not on live servers! 🙂

D.Va – Be a true nightmare for carries, supports or even tanks.  One of the reasons she will be getting nerfed soon.

Genji – Even though he is a bit out of the current meta, Genji is still a deadly beast versus any team composition (except 3-4 tanks) especially on lower ranks.

Zarya – Still a great choice even after the nerfs. Getting some stacks is harder, but her impact is still truly amazing in the right hands.



Mid Tier [Strong/Preferred Choices]:


Cute heroes below are good examples of viable picks, they will definitely help you to gain some ranks.

  • Soldier 76
  • Mei
  • Reinhardt
  • Zenyatta


Soldier 76 – His damage is really high right now that’s why he perfectly fills a role of solo damage dealer in a tank composition.

Mei – One of the best heroes to deal with tank meta. Her ultimate ability is also superstrong especially on 2CP maps.

Reinhardt – Is really hard to deal with hooks, meka girl and soldier without having a huge shield in front of you.

Zenyatta – As always Zenyatta is a huge pain for any tank in the game.



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