Applies to any purchase made on

  • Refund is provided by using the same payment method that was initially used to make the purchase, or refunded as store credit for future use.


  • An order that hasn’t been started on is eligible for a full refund at any point.
    • Orders that have been started are still eligible for a partial refund (Eg. order 70% completed, refund amount 30% of original payment).


  • We guarantee a 70% Win Ratio on accounts with Previous Season Rank under Master. That means that there is no guarantee for placement matches with previous season ranking of Master or Grandmaster.
    • For all placement orders where we fail to achieve the promised win ratio and finish lower than where the account ended in the previous season, we will send a full refund.
    • For example, our guarantee for Diamond placements is 70%. If we only win 6 games and end in 3501 (Master) which is a higher tier, we will not send a refund. If we win 6 games and end in 2900 (Platinum) which is a lower tier, we will refund the order in full. This guarantee is only applicable to purchases of the full 10 placement games.