Oddities, scientists, soldiers, heroes.

Disbanded after a generation of peace the members of Overwatch are needed once more as the World falls into conflict. Take up your place as a legendary hero in Blizzard’s new objective-based team shooter. Find out what it takes to be a real hero on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


What is Overwatch?




Select from 21 unique heroes ranging over 4 distinctive roles – offense, defense, tank and support to best aid your team and achieve level objectives rather than relying on loadouts. Each class is filled with unique characters each with their own distinct abilities and strenghts resulting in a hero for every playstyle.


Offense Role


Offensive heroes use speed and firepower to scout fortifications, isolate enemy heroes and tear apart defenses. Often flashy and capable of ending fights in seconds these heroes gain their incredible assortment of mobility and damaging abilities at a cost. They have no natural defensive stats such as armor or shields minimal self-sustained to stay alive in extended battles and in most cases lack support abilities to heal or empower teammates. From shredding your targets with Tracer to raining down rockets from the skies as Pharah offense means being first to a fight and keeping the pressure on until the victory.


Defense Role


Defense as generally less mobile than their offensive counterparts, specializes in guarding locations and splitting up enemy teams or making them pay. In exchange for the sacrificed mobility some defense heroes are able to lay devastating traps, build powerful turrets, reveal enemies to teammates and even alter the terrain of the battlefield itself. Defense means keeping hold of the objectives your team has earned at any cost.


Tank Role


The tank is a high health, high durability role. Best suited for disrupting enemies and soaking up damage whilst leading the charge, covering allies through shield, damage barries or shear effective projectile absorption. Because of their high health it often takes multiple heroes efficiently dispatch a tank making them ideal for the frontlines as well as less susceptible to abilities that would instantly kill other heroes. While under the right circumstances can put out large bursts of damage, this power is generally kept in check by hero specific trade-offs like cooldowns and limited effective range or ammunition. So tanks that choose to unleash their power must do so wisely. The tank is the anchor of the team and can turn the tide of any battle.


Support Role


Supports are genereally weakened in solo-combat, but provide incredible utility to their teams through healing, damage boosting, shielding and a host of powerful abilities that can teleport players, dramatically increase team movement speed and even resurrect fallen teammates. Support provide much-needed sustain for offense and tank characters as a good support can keep your hopes and team alive.


Hero Switching


Remember different heroes complement your team in various ways and everyone brings something unique to the table. The ebb and flow of battle will see countless heroes take the field, adapt to new objectives and challenges by swapping out heroes at any time from the spawn room, surprising your opponents with a fresh roster, posing new threats.


Maps & Objectives


There are 12 maps with diverse and specialized objectives designed to complement Overwatch unique hero-based take on team gameplay.


Control Maps


Control maps pit two teams over a series of objective areas in a best-of-three format. When a team is in control of an objective their build progress towards capturing it. The first team to a 100% wins the round.


Escort Maps


In Escort, the attacking team moves the payload to a point on the other side of the map. The defending team do their best to delay and ultimately prevent the payload from advancing to the final point.


Assault Maps


Assault has each team battle over multiple objectives on the map. The attacking team must capture the objectives whilst the defenders to maintain control before the time runs out.


Hybrid Maps


Hybrid maps combine Assault and Escort objectives in a multi-stage system with a payload unlocking after the attacking team succeeds in capturing a point. This can result in some unique hero switches to adapt to the changing objectives of the match.


Game Modes


Overwatch provides multiple ways for players to jump into the action. Whether you’re an FPS rookie or a hardened of the genre, there is something for you. If you new to Overwatch you can ease into the game and learn the heroes, map types and mechanics with the in-depth training modes including Tutorial, Practice Range or Practice versus A.I. Both Quick Play and Competitive game modes throw you into the action with a similarly skilled opponent. Your perfomance gains you XP and an assortment of in-game vanity items which can be used to customize your heroes to fit your style. The weekly brawl and custom game modes keep players on their toes with fun new rules and objectives.