Today we’re going to take a look at some Hammond stuff or Wrecking Ball stuff. It’s always nice to see how the abilities work exactly & how do they interact with other heroes as it’s pretty important to know what will happen certain abilities interact with what characters actually kind of end up almost countering in ways because they just get a bit of an advantage with how their ability works compared to your ability as Wrecking ball, for example.

Everything might be not super precise, but it is showing the main essential part of that ability interaction so our main thing that we tested was the Grappling Hook and bumping into people. Also how other heroes abilities would affect your momentum as you move around as Wrecking Ball as it’s a core part of your ability kit.

So, let’s not waste time and get started.


1. Doomfist – Rocket Punch


Doomfist does actually just completely knock Wrecking Ball out of his Grappling Hook and that is because of the stun that is in there and then the knock back as well. It’s the same thing for the Super Speed as well if you go very very quickly.


2. D.Va – Fly Boosters


Next up is D.Va and using her boosters to fly into the Wrecking Ball and that really messes up with the momentum and can even stop Wrecking Ball completely if done correctly, but will at least boop the ball out of the path. D.Va takes a little bit of damage, but it doesn’t even affect her fly path at all.


3. Brigitte – Whip Shot


Some interesting interactions here. Of course, the stun will work the way you would expect it to if you time it right, but Whip Shop actually completely stops the Wrecking Ball. It’s just very effective if you time it correctly, but again timing is everything.


This is it for Hammond – the new hero in Overwatch for Season 11. We hope that you enjoyed our small interaction guide to deal with and against Hammond better in your own games!


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