I. You can improve drastically


While that may sound a little bit obvious, we all know that you can only play Quick Matches apart from the Competitive mode which is based on your current skill level of play. But Quick Play was intended not to improve, just to play casually.

While you can play Competitive mode on your own current level, it would be a lot easier to improve while playing on a higher skill level versus better opponents.

Of course, you should be ready to get punished for making mistakes, losing your new rating, but it’s a great practice in any way. You should focus on the learning process, and don’t take the loss too serious.


II. It’s not always about new heights


There is a popular opinion that it’s worth getting a boost to a whole new tier. Otherwise, there seems to be no reason to get boosted and stay on the same tier.

From our own experience with customers, while that may sound true, there is also a huge amount of players who just want to get on their peak skill rating.

And there are quite a lot of reasons behind it, let’s check some of the examples:

  • Let’s start with a common one – a little bit of tilt
  • You didn’t play for a few seasons and made some bad decisions during your games
  • Tried some new heroes, and your performance was at a lower level
  • Your friend is on the same tier, but there is a small gap in between

All these situations led to a possible SR loss, so there is nothing weird about wanting these juicy points back, so you can lean back, watch your favorite movie or anime or have a walk down the street, and then have a fresh start with your peak rating.


III. It’s all about you


Believe us or not, but some of you don’t even need to think about boosting. You can create your own improvement program and stick to it. With just your own patience and discipline, you can achieve all the great results by just grinding the game.

Boosting is just an instrument that helps you to try the game on a new level or get yourself back after a black line or a break.

Wondering why it’s there?

Because matchmaking algorithms are not perfect. We saw quite a lot of examples when players ordered a significant boost to a whole new level and managed not to just stay there hovering but even got a lot higher by themselves.

At the end of the day, it’s always up to you when it comes to the way to improve.


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